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My name is Rebecca De Silva.

I am an Intimacy and Pleasure Mentor.  My passion is in awakening men to their greatest potential.  I want to see men rise and feel empowered for their benefit, but also for their lovers, family, friends and community.  My style is a mixture of Tantra, Tao, sensual artistry and witchery. It is gentle, intuitive and highly personalised.  I share guidance, techniques and ritual to reclaim and enhance your own powerful sexual essence, and share my own magic with you to assist you to find balance and harmony in yourself and in your relationships.  The life-force energy of your sexuality is the untapped river of passion for life and love that I can show you how to access.

Living a multi-Orgasmic life is daily magic for me.  I choose to fully open into my experience of the full spectrum of sensations my body and spirit wants to taste, and I would invite you to be the most passionate participant in your life.


I have trained with a number of the most respected schools and facilitators here in Australia. Most of all my experience comes from a life of observing humans with loving acceptance, and talking to and working with hundreds of men.