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sessions are based on Tantric principles and are carefully prescribed for each man.


A 90 minute Session, costs $250.

Additional time is  charged at $120 per hour

Initial Sessions with me include

  • Discussing boundaries

  • Understanding sexual energy flows

  • Understanding the difference between Ejaculation and Orgasm

  • Learning Tantric breathing techniques

  • Connecting to the Feminine

  • Awakening your heart

  • Tantric massage

Further Sessions may include

  • Explaining the philosophies and practices of Tantra

  • Understanding masculine and Feminine Polarity

  • Moving Sexual energy

  • Connecting passionately with your body

  • Cock consciousness

  • Sharing sexual energy

  • Self pleasuring practices

Advanced Sessions

  • Stepping into the Divine Masculine

  • Conscious Erotic dance

  • Exploring vulnerability and boundaries

  • Cultivating spiritual consciousness

Your Obligations

Personal hygiene of the highest standard, including freshly brushed teeth because we do work very intimately.


I will explain my personal boundaries to you regarding each session and the exercises involved. You need to respect these or we will not be working together.


Please arrive at sessions on time and if unable to attend please be courteous and give plenty of notice


Please bring with you an intention to learn and grow, and be curious about your relationship with pleasuring yourself and your lover.  


Be focused on the Tantric work you do for yourself. I am not a full service sex worker. Together we can achieve your goals to become the man you want to be. 


Please do your homework!

My obligations 


I aim to provide a relaxed, full permission, non-judgemental environment whereby my clients can feel safe to self-express, dive deep into their pleasure and gather skills and techniques that will transform their lives.


I will ask you in each session to communicate your boundaries to me, and you can feel safe in knowing that they will not be crossed.